We Need Next Tool

This protocol asks teams to identify the professional learning they will need to be effective in implementing their sprint design.

we need next.jpg

Use this protocol to:

  • Identify potential professional learning needs of the team

  • Highlight the gap between team ‘know-what’ and the needed ‘know-how’

  • Develop a team ‘new learning’ list in order to support effective implementation

  • Match professional learning needs to existing expertise within the team or school


  • Prep

    The team must have already completed the design for their next sprint.

  • Step 1

    Identifying team learning needs (10 minutes)

    Review your current teaching design for the sprint. Because each team member will have varying levels of confidence and competence with implementing different and potentially new teaching strategies, the sprint leader asks the team questions such as:

    - Comfort rating : “With 1 being low and 5 high, what is your comfort level with implementing the agreed teaching strategies during the next sprint?”

    - Support requests: “What specific additional learning might help us be successful?” Potential requests might include but are not limited to:

    a. Provide some additional support with co-planning this design for my specific class

    b. Model the teaching of a specific section of the design so I can see what it looks like in action

    c. Co-teach a section of the design with me in my class so that I can build greater confidence in application

    d. Come and observe me teaching and provide some feedback so that I can be sure I am implementing the ‘key ingredients’ of the strategy effectively

    - Each team member identifies the types of support they might like. Each of these can be written on a separate post-it note.

    - Share these and consider whether there are any common needs across the group

    - Record the list of needs on the left hand side of the template

  • Step 2

    Mapping supports (5 minutes)
    Work through the support requests as a group and consider how each can be met.
    - Internal team match: Who has done this before or something similar? Does anyone in the group have particular expertise that we can draw on?
    - Across the school match: Who else across the school has expertise that could provide us with our needed support?
    - Beyond the school: Who else could we draw on for support and capability development?

    Write the potential matches to the needs in the right-hand column of the template.

  • Step 3

    Commit to learning (5 minutes)
    Each team member highlights one action they will take to access the support that they or the team needs and commits to making it happen by a specific date. Record these on the template.

    Where possible, the support should be provided early in the sprint period to ensure that all teachers are effectively applying the chosen teaching strategy in their unique classroom context.