Strategy Sketch Tool

This tool helps teams to design and draw the new teaching strategies they will use.

strategy sketch.jpg

Use this tool to:

  • Gain group clarity on exactly what will be done during the next sprint

  • Plan a small number of high-impact new teaching strategies for your next sprint

  • Gain some feedback on a simple sketch of the approach and refine

  • Consider steps for effective implementation


  • Prep

    Strategy Sketch helps to consolidate and clarify the design of the next sprint. This activity is easier to complete if the team has already generated ideas and evidence-informed approaches as a team using other protocols such as Knowledge Dating, External Expert & Strategy Sort.

  • Step 1

    Identify teaching approaches (5 mins)
    As a team identify the top 3 teaching strategies or approaches you want to use.

    - Each team member should list 1 idea per post-it
    - Share each option and discuss as a group what evidence supports this option
    - Reach consensus on the top 3 (or less) and complete the final version on the template

  • Step 2

    Sketch teaching approach (10 mins)
    Each team member should draw a simple sketch of what this new teaching approach will look like in practice (use a post-it note in each box). Be as specific as possible, and try to draw what somebody would observe you doing. Consider the following: Where are you? Who are you with? How is the room set-up? How are the students positioned and what are they doing?

  • Step 3

    Discuss (10 mins)
    Each team member should share their sequence of post-it note pictures.

    - As a group what do they have in common? Do we have an agreed understanding of the approach?
    - What strikes you as different? Are these differences required? If so, why?

  • Step 4

    Identify keys to implementation (5 mins)
    As a group consider how these teaching approaches can be implemented effectively? You might find the following questions helpful prompts:

    - What resources or tools will we need to create or access?
    - Is there a specific sequence or timing that will be necessary for us to be successful?
    - Do we require any new learning to be able to be successful in implementing this?