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Foundations of Teaching Sprints Program

Be equipped to lead the future of collaborative professional learning.


Whether you want to change the professional learning culture of your school, lead teacher learning with your colleagues, or simply improve your own practice, the Teaching Sprints Foundations Day provides the knowledge and tools you need.

The challenges of teaching have never been greater, and educators have never been more overloaded. Teaching Sprints is a simple, practical and field-tested approach designed to enable busy educators to continually enhance their practice.

Dr Simon Breakspear has spent the last 5 years working with schools across the world to develop the Teaching Sprints approach. In this intensive one-day program you will get everything you need to understand the process, and get moving in your own role and unique context. We know you are busy, and so have jammed everything you need into a high quality day.

This program is perfect for:

  • School principals, Deputy principals and Vice Principals looking to improve the impact of collaborative professional learning across a school

  • Team leaders, coordinators, heads of departments and instructional coaches/leaders who are working to lead pedagogical improvement with other teachers

  • Leaders of professional learning within or across schools

  • Teacher leaders who want to accelerate their practice improvement and bring their colleagues with them

  • The program is best engaged with as a school improvement team, in order to give you time to discuss and apply the learning to your current content.

what you can expect to learn:

  • Examine the importance of enhancing adaptive teaching expertise and the need for schools to support teachers to engage in deliberate practice

  • Provide a systematic overview of the Teaching Sprints approach to collaborative teacher learning and practice improvement

  • Upskill leaders to understand each phase of the Teaching Sprints process

  • Show how robust and relevant research evidence can be used to inform practice improvement efforts

  • Give practical guidance on how to successfully implement Teaching Sprints within their unique educational context

  • Demonstrate how to connect the Teaching Sprints process with teacher, team and school-level plans for improvement


“The session was amazing! As a classroom teacher I felt that it was not only beneficial to be a part of the sprints but also important for me to understand how to lead a sprint with my team.

“An inspirational professional learning day that empowers others to make changes to impact teacher expertise leading to improved learning.



Sydney - 11 November 2019

Learn a simple but powerful approach for teacher learning and continuous practice improvement.

This dynamic 1-day workshop provides school and teacher leaders with a thorough understanding of the Teaching Sprints approach to collaborative teacher professional learning. Numerous research studies confirm that teaching quality has the largest in- school influence on student learning, and that high-quality professional learning can lead to improvements in student achievement.

In this practical workshop, participants will be introduced to the Teaching Sprints process, and leave equipped with the knowledge of what makes for successful team and school implementation.