Knowledge Dating Tool

This protocol helps teams mobilise internal knowledge and expertise from within the team and across the school.

knowledge dating.jpg

Use this tool to:

  • Mobilise internal expertise, knowledge and ideas to help inform the design of your sprint

  • Seek inspiration about new approaches to tackling common learning challenges

  • Create deeper connection across teams and identify the common challenges that we face across grades and subjects

  • Gain research-based and practice-based ideas for designing learning


  • Prep

    Have a space suitable for a stand-up group activity. This activity works better when you have multiple sprint teams working together in the same space, or even a full school staff professional learning opportunity.

  • Step 1

    Set-up the circles (2 mins)
    Set-up the group in two concentric circles facing each other. The outer circle faces in and the inner circle faces out. Each person should be opposite a partner who is not a member of their normal sprint team.

    - Write your target learning outcome and target group of students at the top of the template

  • Step 2

    Knowledge date (4 mins)
    Each knowledge date should take approximately 4 mins (2 mins per person). Focus on quantity over quality of new ideas and suggestions.

    For each date:
    - Share your target learning outcome and target group of students with your partner and ask your partner for any help or advice to help you design a solution.

    - The partner then quickly provides any advice or suggestions that come to mind. This might include useful teaching strategies, resources, experts or research. Here are some simple prompts to use when providing some advice or guidance:
    I would suggest you could try this teaching strategy...
    I am wondering if this person...could provide some advice to you on this
    I think this piece of research...might be worth checking out
    I would recommend this book or resource...

    - Record each idea on your template or separate post-it notes

    - Swap roles and Repeat

  • Step 3

    Dating rounds (8 mins)
    Get the outside circle to move anti-clockwise 1 space. Repeat ‘Knowledge Date’ steps at least two times. Capture new ideas on additional post-it notes on template. At this stage aim to collect as many ideas as possible without evaluating them.

  • Step 4

    Team share and plan (6 mins)
    Teachers should return to their sprint team group to debrief through the following steps:

    - Review list of possible resources and advice and prioritise the most helpful ones
    - Determine what next steps need to be taken to follow up on suggested resources, experts or research
    - Decide if there are any design decisions that be taken now